We offer three different options to current law enforcement and security personnel as well as former officers and future hopefuls who are looking to maximize strength, endurance, health and well-being:

  • Our first option is a membership in our private group (conveniently conducted through Facebook so you’ve got access from anywhere, anytime on your PC, tablet or phone) which delivers workouts that you can begin implementing into your lifestyle immediately, regardless of your current level of fitness or schedule.  The workouts are easily scale-able to accommodate everyone from the rookie who just killed his PT test to the veteran who hasn’t seemed to have time to hit the gym since the academy because “life has gotten in the way”. Workouts will feature elements of strength training and endurance and focus heavily on movements that will make it easier to protect and serve – no matter what the day brings.

Our mission is to make the members of law enforcement healthier on every level – so in addition to fun and effective workouts, we will also provide info on making smart and             effective adjustments to your diet to help with weight loss and improvements in body composition.  We’ll also be providing regular tips on improving joint mobility, reducing             stress, dealing with aches and pains and improving sleep – all for one low monthly price.

  • Our second option is geared toward the officer who has more specific goals in mind.  With this plan you will get access to our private group (described above) but we’ll also have weekly email consultations and will design a personalized workout and diet plan built specifically for you.  You’ll not only enjoy the support of our community, but get more detailed one on one support of our coaches to keep you on the right track and hold you accountable – so the time you put in at the gym and at the dinner table produces the best possible results.
  • Our third option not only includes access to our private coaching group and specialized workout and diet plans, but will also give you direct access to our coaches via a one on one hour long phone or skype call once a month.  Private calls will address on and off the job issues you are experiencing and develop step by step plans to address and remedy them.

If you have any questions or if you’d like to hear more about what we can do to make you a happier, healthier and more effective law enforcement agent, please contact us at