A Few Words on Fiber

We talked about the challenges that a police officer’s schedule places on healthy eating habits before here. When you think about it, it shouldn’t really come as a surprise that long shifts behind the wheel of a cruiser is not the best formula for getting regular, nutritious meals.

This leads many officers to rely on the most convenient sources for sustenance, which unfortunately are almost always lower quality choices. Even the “healthier” choices at fast food style restaurants tend to pale in comparison to the meals we could be be preparing at home when it comes to nutrition.


This doesn’t necessarily mean that you are doomed to sub-par foods while you are on patrol, nor does it mean that you’ll have to go hungry during long shifts if you don’t want to partake in foods from the drive through window.

When you need to get through a shift without being hungry, fiber is your friend. Bring a small cooler in your cruiser loaded with high fiber foods that will help stave off hunger for however long you are out on the road.


Foods like apples, pears, pistachios, almonds and broccoli all travel very well and are all high in dietary fiber. These quick snacks will keep you feeling full and will help keep your blood sugar in check – in short, you’ll be subject to fewer cravings and will be free to focus on the tasks at hand throughout your long shift without worrying about the rumblings in your stomach or without turning to a high fat, high carb meal from a fast food restaurant.

Toss a high quality protein shake into the mix along with your cooler of fruits, nuts and veggies and you can nearly eliminate all nutrition intake concerns over the course of an entire night on patrol.

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