Build Explosive Strength without the Squat Rack

They call the squat the “King” of all exercises – and while there is no arguing the fact that this old school movement is outstanding, it isn’t necessarily my favorite all around power movement. When I think of the traditional back squat, a few potential problems come to mind:

While the movement itself is very safe, you can’t really use enough weight to create the ideal results without a rack. You can certainly find a squat rack in a fully stocked gym (though you might have to wait for it), this can be a problem for those who lift at home.

Secondly, the back squat isn’t always an ideal move for those who have had knee problems in the past.

Enter the Jefferson Lift (aka the Jefferson Deadlift, the straddle lift, etc.). This movement is like the perfect combination of a squat and a deadlift (one of my all time favorites) and it delivers powerful powerful results without the potential risk.

Check out this video from David Dellanave, who is highly respected in the world of strength and who happens to be one of the biggest proponents of this unusual but highly effective movement.

Use the Jefferson to replace squats completely, as an alternate to traditional deadlifts or just add it to your regular weight training schedule to see major improvements in strength and power.

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